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digital video, sound, color
3.50 min.

In his video Karl Ingar Røys mixes together many different commercials to give the work a completely new meaning. The message is presented just as fast as advertising's’ aesthetics, allowing the viewer to be tempted to interpret the work within an advertising critical context. One becomes seduced by the editing. Sentences such as ‘Apparently you never had it so good’ and especially ‘How clear do you want it to be?’ fall right into the politically correct interpretations of the commercial; that the commercial seduces us with simple solutions of eternal beauty, youth and success.

But no; if you look closer at the video work, the video becomes something completely different. It is simply a video-letter where one person ends a relationship with another person. The couple, though seen only from one perspective has a confrontation with their wishes, their dreams and the life that this person has lived in the relationship. ‘To whom it May Concern’ suddenly becomes something very personal. Since the idea suggests that it could be two separate interpretations of the work, the commercial and its language is stripped and revealed.

Anne-Britt Rage


Anne-Britt Rage


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