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single channel digital video, sound, color
30 min.

Erna Solberg, the Norwegian prime-minister from the conservative party, Høyre, decided some years ago to use media as a political tool in order to reduce the influx of asylum seekers coming from the Balkans. These TV-productions was produced and broadcasted locally without informing the viewers that they were funded and initiated by Norwegian sources. A stark contrast to the principles promoted by the Norwegian educational projects in the Balkans regarding fair and objective journalism, also initiated by the same politicians.

`In his video titled "Erna's Video", the Norwegian artist Karl Ingar Røys analyses the production of documentaries whose aim is to inform the population of the less developed countries in Europe and worldwide of Norwegian tough immigration requirements. The films were conceived and commissioned by Erna Solberg, the former Minister of Local Government and Regional Development in the Norwegian government. Some independent media from the Balkan region also took part in their production. Karl Ingar Røys' work consists of showing the video and organizing discussions with the members of the film crews taking part in Erna's project, as well as with the local audience.`

Nebojsa Milikic, Rex Culture Center Belgrade

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