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17:42 November 27, by Cincinnatus

More evidence of the depth of personal irresponsibility fostered by
socialism. There will never be life without consequences. Teach your
children how to accept responsibility and the character to do the right thing.
The job of government is NOT to remove all responsibility for bad
decisions from their most irresponsible citizens.

18:54 November 27, by onemark
"Kinder, Küche, Kirche" rules.


19:50 November 27, by nepo77
The Babyhatch system is revolutionary and even if it might seem from an
episode of "Futurama", it saves Lifes. The Ethic council thinks it can control
everything but it cant.


23:54 November 27, by Talonx
"More evidence of the depth of personal irresponsibility fostered by socialism"
Are you nuts, what does this have to do with socialism? Even if it did have anything to do with socialism, your argumentation is destroyed by infant mortality and abandonment in 'democratic' (single quotes for ambiguity not sarcasm) societies like the U.S. I fail to see how protecting the life a born child is removing responsibility. Sort of a zero sum issue.


06:04 November 28, by Cincinnatus
Dear Talonx - Don't worry. I can see that you were educated in Germany. I
won't embarrass you with explicit refutation. You Marxists wouldn't
understand anyway.


09:25 November 28, by Talonx
Actually I'm an American educated in the Midwest (Indiana to be specific). Marxism by the way is not the same thing as Socialism. Regardless of what your saviour Beck tells you. In any case, you don't leave much to respond to so I'll assume you have nothing more to say. Next time, maybe you should try to get your talking points out of the records of factual events and books rather than stock phrases provided by undereducated professional opinionists with zero real world experience outside the U.S.


09:34 November 28, by vangi33
The babies have a right to be safe and it is up to us to help them. I don't like the look of this metal box in which babies are placed in, like we place our old clothes and things to donate, but it would be better the babies are placed here than dumped in a rubbish bin or in the river. What astounds me is that 500 babies have been abandoned already, and the thought that these babies instead of being placed in the safety of this metal thing, they would have been abused or thrown away. We need to address the root of the problem, and do it with an open mind and an open heart. The next question is the life of these babies from now on. Where will they be placed and will they receive the ongoing support that all souls of this earth deserve?


17:11 November 28, by YankeeT
The babies are safer in "the system" than with the people that brought them into the world. The orphanage or other institutions can feed and care for these young ones until one of us steps up and accepts the responsibility for raising them.
I don't doubt the baby hatch system has saved these young lives.


15:01 November 29, by Deutschguy
Everything is a trade off. The baby's life is saved, and probably has higher quality long-term, BECAUSE there is total anonymity for the mother. That the baby can't know its origins is sad, but it's better than having the child abandoned or murdered.
Cincinnatus is an idiot. I'm an American capitalist pig and educated in the US, and I still believe the Babyklappen system is a wise and compassionate thing to have.


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